Codeangels Solutions GmbH offers dedicated datacenter for rent in Switzerland.


  • Wollerau in the municipality Schwyz with the lowest taxes in Switzerland. Wollerau offers the most favorable and liberal tax structure for financial institutions and private entrepreneurs.
  • Place where the rich and famous live.
  • 25 minutes to the economical heart of Switzerland - Zürich.
  • 50 minutes to Zürich Kloten international airport.
  • Several business hotels in the close vicinity.
  • 3km to Pfaffikon SZ, kanton Schwyz - new home of world famous financial corporations and hedge funds.
  • Picturesque, unspoiled, natural environment.


  • Modern industrial and office complex located in natural environment.
  • Datacenter is securely located in very unexpected, discrete place within the complex.
  • Building is guarded by security personnel.
  • Area is known to be safe from floods and other natural disasters.
  • There is a possibility to rent office spaces in the same building (availability on request).


  • Datacenter was build to high standards for 24/7 operation in 2008, since mid 2009 it is "on stand by".
  • Room is insulated against minor floods up to 5cm surrounding water level.
  • 40m2 floor space.
  • 200m3 room volume.
  • Double floors with 37cm height.
  • Three 48U 80cm x 120cm industry standard 19" server racks.
  • One 48U 60cm x 120cm industry standard 19" network and telco distribution rack.
  • One UPS rack.
  • Four 19" racks with SGI Origin 300 and 3900 supercomputers which can be rented or replaced by industry standard racks.


  • Dual Uniflair Air Conditioner units for 20kW of redundant cooling power or 40kW in simultaneous operation.
  • Siemens Fire extinguishing system based on modern 3M Novec 1230 Fire protection Fluid.
  • Siemens alarm system with smoke, liquid detectors and individual battery backup.
  • Alarm system is linked to Fire Brigade / Police and can be expanded with additional sensors.
  • APC Smart-UPS VT rack mounted 40kVA UPS unit.
  • Possibility for installation of power generator back-up.
  • Computer equipment and light receive power via UPS or utility power (bypass).
  • Each server rack receives power from three 16a electrical phases.
  • CAT6 network cabling between server and distribution racks.
  • Full CCTV over IP coverage of datacenter space and entrance.
  • 32 Port RS232 Console / Terminal Server.
  • 16 Port KVM over IP Switch with Virtual USB Media support.
  • Temperature probes for monitoring of datacenter environment via network / SNMP.


  • Enterprise grade, gigabit fibre optics internet feed in house, CAT6 termination in the datacenter.
  • Satellite internet access back up facilities installed and terminated in the datacenter.
  • 16 two-wire leased line termination points in the datacenter for data feeds.
  • Fibre optics uplinks to offices in the same building.
  • GSM / SMS Gateway.

For further information, please contact

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